• Tech Tips Personalized Learning Tech Tips

    The tips, tutorials and resources below are updated frequently and designed to maximize technology tools, student voice and personalized learning in the classroom. Contact your building iPad Manager or a member of the Department of Personalized Learning for additional support.

  • Apple Classroom

    Classroom is an iPad app that lets teachers guide and direct students on their iPad. Remotely open an app on all student iPads, lock iPad screens, view a webpage, and more. The students can focus on exactly what you want. You can perform actions on each iPad as the students use them during class.

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  • New Apps in Self Service

    Click here to see a list of over 25 newly added apps in Self Service. The Self Service App Store has over 350 iPad apps available for students and staff. New apps are added each semester. All apps are vetted for content and data security. Approved apps are focused on creation, quality, and general use.

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  • iOS 11 Education Highlights

    iOS 11 is approved and available for download on all SPPS iPads! Click here to learn about new features, tools and abilities to further personalize learning in a 1:1 learning environment.

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  • iOS 11 Screen Recording

    Quickly create a screencast of anything content on your iPad with screen recording in iOS 11. All screen recordings save a video file in the photos app.

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  • Padlet

    Padlet is a collaborative digital whiteboard for students to quickly brainstorm and share ideas. Access Padlet from any web browser -- no app needed! Teachers can set up a Padlet board with a few clicks, and customize the background, format and security settings.

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