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  • The Farnsworth Aerospace athletic program is an essential part of the overall educational process. As educators, we view the playing field as an extension of the classroom. Accordingly, the athletic teams should provide an avenue for all students to be challenged while learning skills and concepts such as, sport-specific physical skills, theory of the game, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and commitment.  All students are encouraged to participate.

    Below are team sports we have available for 6-8 graders.

    After school busses will be availabe mid-October. If you have any questions, please direct them to Ms. Combs, Athletic Director.

    If you want to email specific coaches, their emails are provided as well.


    FALL SPORTS 2017-18

    Boys Soccer:  

    Coach: Mitch Feske
    Email: mfeske@gustavus.edu

    Girls Soccer: 

    Coach: Ms. Scanlan
    Email: Hannah.scanlon@spps.org

    Co-Ed Flag Football: 

    Coach: Anthony Williams

    Girls Volleyball: 

    Coach: Polly Neumann


    WINTER SPORTS 2017-18

    Girls Basketball: 

    Coach: John Swan

    Boys Basketball: 

    Coach: Devon Smith


    Coach: Jeff Steiner

    Email: jeff.steiner@spps.org


    SPRING SPORTS 2017-18

    Girls Badminton:


    Boys Baseball:


    Girls Softball:


    Boys/Girls Track:



2013 Girls Soccer Team Blue Division Champ

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