Why Choose Farnsworth?

  • Where Else Can Your Child:

    • Meet an Astronaut?
    • Watch a Space Shuttle Mission Take Off?
    • Study Space Flight, everyday?
    • Learn How to Fly?
    • Belong to a 150+ Member Marching Band?
    • Take an out-of-this-world Field Trip Every Year?
    • Talk to the International Space Station via Teleconference?
    • Learn that Math and Science are Actually Fun!!
    • Take an Aerospace Engineering Class instead of Shop and Home Economics?
    • Learn Spanish from Kindergarten?
    • Paint the Cosmos in Art Class?
    • Take Geography class in a Flight Simulator?
  • Student Planners
    All students at Farnsworth Aerospace 5-8 Campus are required to carry a student planner. The planner can be purchased from the school for a $5 dollar fee.