Minnesota Timberwolves volunteers
  • Volunteers bring valuable talents, interests and time to help students reach their full potential. By freely giving their time, volunteers also send students the message that they matter, and that their future is bright.

    If you have time to offer, and a desire to make a difference, contact either campus.

    Thank you for your interest in bringing brighter futures to the students of Saint Paul Public Schools.

    -To volunteer at Farnsworth Lower, please contact the school directly or let Ms. Kiesha Lamb know if you are interested in volunteering at Farnsworth Lower.

    School Phone: 651-293-8675

    Kiesha Lamb: 651-744-5180

    -To volunteer at Farnsworth Upper, please contact the school directly.

    School Phone: 651-744-8252

Volunteer & Tutor Recognition

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    Upper Campus

    Lower Campus