PreK-4 Campus

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  • PreK – 4th Grades

    We have twenty classrooms this school year, 2021-2022.  Besides the full day PreK class, there are 3 kindergarten grades, 4 first grades, 4 second grades, 4 third grades, and 4 fourth grades classes.

    There are four Enrichment classes for students; Aerospace, Art, Physical Education, and Science

    Students also engage in a weekly STEAM activity to support science in the classroom.  Technology is integrated into every classroom with the inclusion of 1:1 iPad implementation.  Laptop carts and a full computer lab are also available for classrooms to use during the school day.

    Mr. John Bjoraker is our Principal at the PreK-4 campus.

Ms. Saatzer and Ms. Schreiber greeting students during assembly

Farnsworth Aerospace PreK-4 Help Form

  • Help Form

    If you need assistance and do not know where to start, or need to speak with a staff member, please fill out the following form. Please be as complete and detailed as possible. One of our staff members will respond to support you as soon as possible.


Mental Health Support Team

  • This year Farnsworth will have a Mental Health Support Team to help meet the needs of our students. This team is designed to promote the wellbeing of all students at the school. During this distance learning time children may be experiencing many different feelings. The team will work with families, teachers, and staff to make sure that students have the social-emotional support they need to be successful and thrive in school and life.

    If you would like someone from the team to reach out to you regarding a concern about one of your children, please fill out the Farnsworth PreK-4 Help Form and note that you would like someone from the team to reach out to you.