PreK-4 Campus

Airplan and American flag
  • PreK – 4th Grade

    We have 21 classrooms this school year, 2023-24. 


    1 PreK (full day)

    4 Kindergarten

    4 First Grade

    4 Second Grade

    4 Third Grade

    4 Fourth Grade

    Plus 2 DCD Classrooms

    There are 5 Enrichment classes for students; Aerospace (STEAM), Art, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies.

    Students also engage in STEAM activities in the classroom and on field trips.  Technology is integrated into every classroom with the inclusion of 1:1 iPad implementation.  Laptop carts are also available for classrooms to use during the school day.

    Christine Vang is our Principal at the PreK-4 campus.

Ms. Saatzer and Ms. Schreiber greeting students during assembly