Second Grade

Second grade class
  • A year of building skills and developing confidence is the Farnsworth second-graders' flight plan - and the year really does fly by.

    Second Graders go from writing complete sentences to writing complete paragraphs. From pondering the sky to making things fly. We build their stamina in subjects like reading, while complementing their studies with loftier topics like weightlessness or the orbit of the moon.

    They grow to rely less on us and more on themselves and each other as the year progresses. By the conclusion of second grade, they are certain of our expectations and ready to explore their own possibilities.

    Our Second Grade classrooms implement a strong standards based curriculum including:

    • Reader’s Workshop
    • Writer’s Workshop
    • Everyday Math
    • Social Studies
    • Aerospace Science
    • Aerospace and Aviation

    We focus on the four cardinal points of direction; learn about each phase of the moon; study the historical development of aircraft; visit the planetarium and an airport.

    Additional instruction

    • Music, Physical Education, Aerospace, Art and Science.
    • Library-each week, students go to the library to listen to stories and check out books.
    • iMac computer lab-students learn application basic computer skills to complement what is taught in the classroom.
    • iPad as an instructional resource
    • Aerospace Gifted and Talented
    • Field trips