Fourth Grade

  • At Farnsworth, fourth grade is a milestone. It's a year of taking responsibility for your own learning and providing leadership in the classroom.

    Also at hand for the first time - the yoke of a real flight simulator.

    We ask more and more from them each day and they do not disappoint. We challenge them to think beyond these four walls and to collaborate with each other to solve problems. They learn what it takes to become a successful student and hone the skills that will prepare them for an amazing future.

    Our fourth grade classrooms implement a strong standards based curriculum including:

    • Reader’s Workshop
    • Writer’s Workshop
    • Math
    • TCI Social Studies
    • Aerospace Science
    • Aerospace and Aviation

    The fourth grade team engages in several aerospace activities throughout the year. Each student will research an aviator that culminates with a final writing project.  After passing ground school the students will enter the flight simulators. An extended field experience to Aviation Camp in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is also in the plan.

    Additional instruction

    • Flight Simulators
    • Music Exploration
    • Physical Education
    • Art
    • Science
    • Library (once per week, students listen to stories and check out books)
    • Aerospace (once per week)
    • Integrated Technology
    • 1:1 iPad implementation
    • High Potential Classes
    • Field trips

Important Dates

  • November 15th- Evening Conferences 5-8pm

    November 17th- Evening Conferences 5-8pm

    November 18th- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS Conferences 9am-3pm

    November 23rd- Book of the Month Assembly, 3:00 p.m

    November 24th- NO SCHOOL/NO EDL

    November 25th- NO SCHOOL

    Month of December - OLPA Testing

    December 2nd - STEAM Rotation #2 Begins

    December 8th - Sinfonia Performance