Welcome to the Computer Lab at PreK-4

Integrated tech
  • Technology is integrated into the classroom at Farnsworth.  Teachers needing extra support with technology or instructional ideas can utilize Mr. Xiong to come give instructions.  He can come into the classroom or teachers can bring their class down to the computer lab.  Mr. Xiong can teach or team teach with the classroom teachers.  He also supports all online math and reading learning resources like, IXL, AR and TumbleBooks.

    Farnsworth PreK-4 has state of the art computers for all of our students to engage and learn.

    There are 32 iMacs running on OS 10.9 and two printers in the second floor computer lab. A second lab with 22 iMac desktop computers are on the third floor Science/Engineer Enrichment room.

    We have a cart of 30 iPads, a cart of 25 MacBook laptops in Foxtrot cart, a set of 20 MacBook Pros with OS 10.8 on the Digger Research Cart and a VIKING 1 cart with 30 MacBook Pros. We also have digital cameras and digital video cameras for students to utilize. 

    The goals at Farnsworth Aerospace are to maximize student fluency in the use of technology, to enhance the content curriculum of the classroom, and to prepare the students for a life-long learning through the use of technology.

    Some key components are:

    • Content area skills, including Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies, are reinforced through a variety of wonderful software programs.
    • Beginning keyboard skills are introduced in first grade and fluent by 3rd grade; Sixth graders will type 30 or more words per minute.
    • Technology skills are taught through a project based curriculum.

    District Technology Standards:

    Kindergarten thru Grade 3

    Graduation Standard

    A student shall use appropriate computer technology to access information and to produce products by:

    • Gathering information from electronic sources; and
    • Producing products and selecting language, format, and graphics appropriate for the purpose and audience using word processing.

    Fourth and Fifth Grades

    Graduation standard

    The student shall use appropriate computer technology to access, evaluate and organize information and will complete products by:

    • Completing products and selecting language, format and graphics appropriate for the purpose and including word processing, graphics and multimedia presentations
    • Recognizing and using appropriate keys and techniques for entering data, and keying written work or both, at an age-appropriate level and speed and accuracy.

    Contact Information

    Teacher Name: Eric Xiong, Technology Integration Specialist

    Email: eric.xiong@spps.org

    Phone: 651-744-4319 (Direct)

    Office: 651-293-8675 (Office)

  • FETC 2014 Links

    Here are some websites and apps I've picked up from FETC 2014 in Orlando, Florida.  If you want to use any of them with your classroom, let me know.

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  • X-pectations

    Expectations in the computer lab is for everyone!  Since using the computer lab is a privilege, we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and excel while they are in the lab.  Here are some some expectations, consequences and projects that we will following for the upcoming 2011-12 school year.

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  • Internet SafetyTips

    Internet safety is taught and practiced at Farnsworth Aerospace.  Here are some important tips from NetSmartz Kids!

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  • Google Doc Gmail

    Accessing your Gmail in Google doc and changing settings to receive gmail in your SPPS email.

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  • Google Doc Login

    A quick video on how to access to your Google Doc. You'll need your AD or Campus login.

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