Farnsworth Aerospace Gifted and Talented

  • Above and Beyond

    A unique approach to serving Gifted and Talented children with problem solving exercises that challenge their creativity while stretching their understanding of math, science and even art and creative writing.

    All projects in Mrs. Johansen's program are focused through an aerospace lens. The children conduct hands-on learning activities with research-based exploration that result in a comprehensive enrichment experience.

    Starting as early as kindergarten, literature and mathematics are incorporated into the creative building of models using various materials. First through third graders use their imagination to create stories about the moon, sun and galaxies. They also research robots and black holes.

    The fourth grade students participate in NASA sponsored Challenges. The students develop research skills, apply computer and internet knowledge, integrate science, math and technology concepts to their projects and collaborate as team members learning to communicate clearly and effectively. When their project is complete, they practice presentation skills and finally present via a video conference to NASA.

    This program is not only a great way for the kids to learn by trial and error, but it is a chance for them to collaborate and problem solve while putting the math, science and other disciplines that they learn in their regular classroom to work.