Fifth Grade

  • Fifth-graders at Farnsworth are up to the task and they prove it every day as they ascend into higher level math and science, while learning new subjects such as American history and English composition. Their reading has to speed up too, because they are reading to learn now, instead of learning to read.

    They analyze and discuss literary elements in stories and start to develop the abstract thinking that shapes their academic future.  They know that they share a classroom with colleagues in learning, and their collaboration skills are critical to their success.

    Our fifth grade classrooms implement a strong standards-based curriculum including:

    • Reader’s Workshop
    • Writer’s Workshop
    • Math
    • Social Studies

    Additional Instruction

    • Music
    • Physical Education, Art, and Science.
    • Library-each week, students go to the library to listen to stories and check out books..
    • Adopt-a-Pilot
    • Field trips