Aerospace and Engineering

  • Courses
    Aerospace I - 5th Grade

    The focus of this class is two components. The first is in learning about airplane components, parts and systems. The other component of this class is in studying how rockets fly, how they take off and fly straight and how they are controlled. 

    Aerospace II - 6th Grade

    Sixth grade students will participate in four different aerospace units whose themes range from beyond Earth's atmosphere, satellites, rockets, and travel to other planets.

    Design and Modeling - 7th Grade

    In this yearlong, every-other-day course, seventh grade students will begin to recognize the value of an engineering notebook to document and capture their ideas.

    Automation and Robotics - 8th Grade

    In this yearlong, every-other-day course, eighth-graders trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics.

    Watch this video to see some of our amazing 8th graders working with robotics and automation tools.