Why Farnsworth?

  • Where Else Can You?

    - Meet an Astronaut?

    - Watch a Space Shuttle Mission Take Off?

    - Study Space Flight?

    - Learn How to Fly?

    - Take an out-of-this-world Field Trip Every Year?

    - Learn that Math and Science are Actually Fun!!

    - Paint the Cosmos in Art Class?

    - Take Geography class in a Flight Simulator?

Top 5 Non-Negotiables

  • 1. Show your Farnsworth Pride! Know & follow the Future Leader positive behavior expectations (Respectful, Responsible & Safe)

    2. Remember backpacks, hats, headcovering, purses, water bottles, etc. in your locker

    3. Wear appropriate Future Leader clothing

    4. Keep phones or electronic devices at home or powered off and stowed away

    5. Students must be on time to class.

    Safety and Education comes first!!