Ms. Brion

Phone: 651-293-8740


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Brion

Hi! My name is Kathy Brion and I have been teaching at Murray Junior High since 1998. I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1985, and my master’s degree from National-Lewis University in 1990. I have taught in schools in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.

My husband and I live between Hudson and River Falls, Wisconsin, and we have two daughters, Rachel and Maggie..

I teach 6th grade Math.

Please contact me if you have any questions about your child or his/her class. I am available for extra help in the mornings after 7:45, but not on Tuesdays (we have meetings), other times by appointment. But not on Fridays (you can ask your child - they will be able to tell you).

Parents, please notice the links to the calendars. These calendars of assignments are handed out to the kids at the beginning of every section and are always posted on this site. You can ask to see the calendar and the math notebook every night to check that homework is complete. Please monitor your child's homework and contact me with any concerns.

If students are not satisfied with a quiz score they will be given a chance to retake the quiz. If students wish to later retake any quiz, they must make corrections on the first quiz and have all homework completed for that section. If you wish to later re-take any quiz, you must make corrections on the first quiz and have all your homework for that section complete. You must retake quizzes within two weeks after the quiz has been returned.

The Holt website has several excellent resources for students and parents. In addition to having the textbook pages online, there are extra practice worksheets, interactive quizzes, and tutorial videos!

To access go to:

For the Mathematics Course 2 (blue book), the user name and password is murraymath6

For the Pre-Alg class (Course 3, green book), the user name and password is murraypalg