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Ms. Crowley

Hi! My name is Mary Crowley and I have been lucky enough to have taught at Murray Middle School since 1995. I love working with middle school students. I love the energy and enthusiasm they have.

I am originally from Milwaukee, but I moved here to go to college right after high school. I received a BA in Biology and a Master's of Education from the U of M.

I live right across the river in Minneapolis and I have two wonderful boys who are 15 & 12. I enjoy gardening, cooking, traveling, hiking, and a whole bunch of other things too!

Supplies needed for class: A separate notebook for science that can be collected, a folder for handouts, something to write with and a charged iPad. I update my gradebook frequently thoughout the week so that students and parents can keep track of assignments that are missing or tests that need to be re-taken.

I teach Earth Science and the second year of the Magnet Science.

Earth Science classes will be learning about geology, weather, and astronomy this year. We work to understand rocks, minerals, soils, rivers, and other principles geology that help us make sense of the earth's history. We will study earthquakes, volcanoes and the theory of plate tectonics. Students will also be studying the factors that interact to create weather. We will learn how to collect the weather data and make forecasts. At the end of the year will end as we make sense of the solar system, our galaxy, and the expanding universe.

Magnet Science II classes will continue to understand how scientists work. The students will present their findings from their own individual inquiry projects at Murray's Science Fair in January. We try to tie the two years of challenge science together so we will start the year continuing to learn how the electromagnetic spectrum is used to better understand what we know about the universe. Once we finish up with the astronomy unit we will study chemistry and finish the year meeting the life science standards.