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Developmental/Adapted Physical Education Health Education Physical Education

Mr. Jacob Bambenek


My name is Jacob Bambenek and I am the physical education teacher at Chelsea Height Elementary in St. Paul Public Schools. 2019/20 is my third year here. 

I am originally from a small-town call Trempealeau, WI. While growing up here I played many sports (football, basketball and track). After high school I went to Winona State University. Being from Wisconsin, I am naturally a Packer fan. This year I am back coaching football at Highland Senior High School for our shorten season. 

I also wanted to share some fun and exciting news from this summer, my wife and I got married. We were able to have a small gathering at my parents home in Trempealeau, WI. 

During the year we will focus on many different skills, activities and games. The goal of those is to move, have fun, learn/improve skills. For more information on how this will work please check out my distance learning page. 

Feel free to contact me anytime at




8:15 to 9:05     5th Grade

9:05 to 9:55     3rd Grade

9:55 to 10:45   Kindergarten

10:45 to 11:15  Lunch

11:15 to 12:05  4th Grade

12:05 to 12:55  1st Grade

12:55 to 1:45    2nd Grade


  • My goal for online learning is to have your students moving as much as possible in a safe way. We will talk about how to find a safe place in your home for our exercises. We will also practice how to do our work as independently as possible. I know parents are busy working or helping other students. 

    My goal for hybrid learning is to create a distance learning lesson about the skills we will focus on in class. When students come to class they will then have an opportunity to practice their skills and use them in an activity. 

    My goal for full back to school is to focus on different skills, activities and games. The goal of those is to move, have fun, learn/improve skills. We will also focus on allowing students to socialize with peers. I think we can all hope that we can get back to this point as soon as possible.

    If you ever have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me at

    Thank you, 

    Jacob Bambenek