Ms. Stacy

Phone: 651-744-3028


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Elementary Education, PreK-6 (Augsburg) MA - Educational Technology (Concordia)

Ms. Stacy

I have been teaching PreK at Dayton's Bluff Elementary since 2013.  I love to watch our youngest learners grow so much academically, socially, physically, and emotionally throughout their PreK year.  I love to see their excitement when they finally accomplish something.  Everyday is a new day and a new adventure with our students.

I have a husband, a son in middle school, and a dog.  I love summer and the hot weather, I am definitely not a fan of the cold!  My favorite activities in the summer are camping and hiking.  My favorite activity in the winter is to hibernate!  When I have time I like to read and scrapbook. 


Literacy Corner

  • Name Writing

    Practice writing your child’s name every day.  Writing on a vertical surface helps your child build their pencil grip, works on arm strength and flexibility, and it also helps with visual attention and eye-hand coordination.  If you don’t have a vertical surface, don’t worry - practice where ever you can with whatever you have.  Use crayons, markers, pencils, pens, chalk on paper, sidewalks, white boards, chalk boards, magna doodles, and more.  Help your child learn the letters in their name while they are writing; you say the letter and have them repeat.

Name Writing

Math Corner

  • Counting

    Practice counting aloud to 30.  Too hard?  Start with counting to 5 and keep building up as your child is ready.  When you should you count?  Whenever you have a chance!  Count while washing your hands, count while waiting for the bus, count how many steps going up, count how many steps going down, count how many houses, count how many cars. 

    When your child is ready count backwards from 10.  Again start small, we count backwards from 5 a lot in class while waiting for everyone to settle down! 

    Need more help – check out this counting and number playlist on YouTube.

shapes colors

Daily Schedule

  • All Day PreK

    7:15 Arrival

    7:30 Breakfast

    7:55 Sign In/Ease In

    8:10 Morning Meeting

    8:30 Recess

    9:00 Literacy Small Group

    9:30 Active Learning

    10:15 Math Small Groups

    10:40 Lunch

    11:20 Music

    12:15 Rest Time

    12:45 Independent Reading

    12:55 Active Learning

    1:30 Regroup to Revisit

    1:50 Dismissal