Ms. Brown

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Ms. Brown

Tammy Brown has been teaching elementary students for 22 years.  She went to college and began her teaching career in Tucson,Arizona.  She moved with her son to the Twin Cities in 2000.  Ms. Brown has been teaching at Dayton's Bluff for the past 11 years.  Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know and spending her days with the amazing kids who go to Dayton's Bluff.

Literacy Corner

  • Reading and writing are a big part of second grade.  Reader's Workshop includes students reading independently from books that are at their reading level, practicing and mastering comprehension skills, working in small goups with their teacher as well as working on word and spelling skills.  Writer's Workshop is a time for students to practice and become proficient at writing different genres.  Types of writing include narrative, opionion, non fiction, poetry and fictional stories.  Listening to books read aloud and discussing them is also an important part of students literacy development.

Math Corner

  • Mathematics in second grade involves several different components.  Math review is a short series of lessons which review concepts already taught.  Mental math encourages students to think and solve mathematical problems without paper and pencil.  During the major part of the lesson the focus is on grade level standards.  Big focus areas in second grade include adding and subtracting single digits with rapid fluency, addition and subtraction of double digit numbers with regrouping and entry level multiplication.


Daily Schedule

  • A Day in Second Grade

    8:45  Morning Meeting

    9:00  Math Workshop

    10:20  Social Studies

    11:00  Specialist- Physical Education or Science (in 2 week cycles)

    11:50  Lunch

    12:20  Structured Play- recess

    12:40 Skills

    1:15  Reader's Workshop

    2:10  Writer's Workshop

    2:50  Dismissal


    **Music is on Thursdays from 2:00-2:50

    **Library is on Tuesdays from 9:00-9:20

    **Tuesday 2:00-2:30- Mr. Herman the school counselor comes and teaches a lesson every other week