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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Deana

My name is Deana (dee-na) Moore.  I have been teaching Early Childhood Special Education and PreK at Dayton's Bluff since 2014 but have been teaching since 1998.  For my Bachelor's degree I studied Child Psychology and Early Childhood education at the University of Minnesota.  My Master's degrees are in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Special Education, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

At home, I enjoy cooking, gardening, and creating classroom materials.  I have a 19 year old son, Nate, who is a student at Winona State University and a sweet dog named Finnigan (Finny).  I grew up in the southwestern United States and moved to Minnesota in 1993.  My favorite things about Minnesota are the varied seasons and how each one is unique and special.

I love being a teacher of young children.  I value teaching my students to be independent, hard-working, and creative.  I believe my most important jobs are to teach my PreK students how to have love and enthusiasm for school and how to negotiate and have positive social interactions with their peers.  My favorite part of the day is Large Group Meeting time.  It is so fun to teach the children new songs, vocabulary, introduce them to all kinds of literature that they might not be exposed to!

Literacy Corner

  • Alliteration

    Beginning Sounds, that are the same. That's Alliteration! "Cat, Cookie, Cake, Start the same."

    Have a long ride planned?  Try to think of words that start with the same sound (use your child's name to start, then work on other family member names).  An alphabet book can help come up with ideas, but remember you are listening for the same sound, which isn't always the same letter (example: kite and cookie start with the same sound or cereal and snake start with the same sound).


Math Corner

  • Subitizing!

    Subitizing Means: Knowing how many without counting (1 to 5 objects)

    Help your child practice subitizing at home.  While playing with your child place 1 to 5 items of whatever they are playing with in front of them and ask them, "How many ___ are there?"  They may have to count at first, but they will eventually be able to start recognizing how many without counting.  You can also use dice, dominoes, or your fingers.  While in the car, on the bus, or walking outside ask how many windows on the house, how many cars, people, flowers, etc.


Contact Information

Daily Schedule

  • Morning Class

    8:15am Arrival/Ease into the Day

    8:30am Breakfast

    9:00am Morning Meeting

    9:20am Small Group

    9:35am Active Learning

    10:30am Regroup to Revisit

    10:50am Dismissal


    Afternoon Class

    12:30pm Lunch 

    1:00pm Arrival/Ease into the Day

    1:10pm Afternoon Meeting

    1:30pm Small Group

    1:45pm Active Learning

    2:30pm Regroup to Revisit

    2:50pm Dismissal