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    Email: david.smith@spps.org

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    Hello, my name is Mr. Smith and this year I'll be teaching 4th/5th graders at Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus.  I started at Dayton's Bluff as a 3rd grade teacher in 2014.  Last year, I also taught a multi-grade classroom with both 4th and 5th graders.  Welcome back 4th graders from last year!  You are now the leaders of our school.  

    A few things about me:

    • I have a spouse named Jackie who has been teaching for 20+ years and is now a Principal in St. Louis Park.
    • I have a daughter Phina (22) and 2 sons Gus (19) and Levi (17).
    • I love playing most sports but particularly enjoy soccer.
    • My other hobbies include biking, house projects, skiing, and spending as much time with my family.
    • Worked for Honeywell for 15 years before starting my teaching career (I like being a teacher way more!)   
    • I love to travel and see new places
    • Last book I read was HAPPY-GO-LUCKY by David Sedaris

    My goal every year as a teacher is to build relationships with every student and then use those relationships to inspire students to become independent learners that will guide them as they grow.  One of my favorite inspirational quotes is from Maya Angelou and it goes “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”  For me, this quote is essential for everyone's learning.  We never stop learning but we must do our best with what we do know.  That is what I hope to inspire in all of my students.


    Degrees and Certifications: BA (Concordia University), MAT (Hamline University)

Daily Schedule


    Mr. Smith's Daily Schedule SY 23'/24'

    7:15-7:35am.         Arrival

    7:35-8:00am.         Morning Meeting

    8:00-8:50am.         Writing *Gym on Monday's

    8:50-9:30am.         Read Aloud/Skills

    9:30-9:45am.         Math Review *Library on Tuesday's

    9:45-10:55am.       Math Workshop *Gym on Tuesday's

    11:00-11:50pm.     Music/Science/Social Studies

    11:55-12:15pm.     Lunch

    12:15-12:35pm.     Recess

    12:40-1:50pm.       Reader's Workshop   

    1:50-2pm.              Dismissal