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    Phone: 651-325-2419

    Email: david.smith@spps.org

    Hello, my name is Mr. Smith and I currently teach 4th grade at Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus.  I started teaching at Dayton's Bluff in 2014 in 3rd grade.  

    Degrees and Certifications: BA (Concordia University), MAT (Hamline University)

Daily Schedule

  • 7:15am-7:35am        Breakfast

    7:35am-7:55am        Morning Meeting

    7:55am-8:45am        Specialists (Physical education or Science)

    8:50am-10:10am      Math

    10:10am-10:40am    Skills

    10:40am-12:15pm    Reading

    12:15pm-12:35pm    Recess

    12:35pm-12:55pm    Lunch

    1pm-1:50pm            Writing