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Ms. Wriedt

I have been teaching at Dayton's Bluff Elementary since 2015.  I love to watch my kindergarteners grow and learn from the beginning of the year to the end. We learn about making friends, creating sentences, and counting to BIG numbers! 

I grew up in Wisconsin, but have lived in Minnesota since college. I love being outside and finding time to explore nature!  My favorite activities in the summer are camping and hiking. During the school year I also find time to be outside and encourage my students to do the same!

I went to college at Bethel University and got my degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

Literacy Corner

  • Letters

    “Letters, letters, letters have names.  What is the name of this letter?”

    Start with the letters in your child’s name.  Point to each letter and say the name.  Look for the same letters in books and on signs.  Write the letters of their names on a piece of paper and cut them apart to create a puzzle.  Say the letters as they put them back together.  Once they are able to say their letters consistently add a couple more to practice.  Play the alphabet game while in the car, on the bus, out for a walk, or while shopping.  Look for the letter “Aa,” once it is found look for the letter “Bb,” keep going until you get to “Zz.” 


Math Corner

  • Sorting

    Sorting Means: Putting things together that are the same.  Same Size, Same Shape, Same Color.

    Help your child practice sorting at home.  Have them sort the dirt laundry (darks and lights), or the clean laundry (socks, underwear, pants, etc.).  Have your child sort their toys before putting them away or while playing with them.  Make sure they tell you how they sorted (by size, shape, color, type).


Contact Information

Daily Schedule

  • 8:30-9:00 Breakfast 

    9:00-9:20 Morning Meeting

    9:20-10:30 Writing

    10:30-10:50 Read Aloud

    10:50-11:40 Reading

    11:50-12:40 Specialist

    12:45-1:15 Lunch

    1:15-2:30 Math

    2:35-2:50 Structured Play