School Policies

  • Hallway Passes
    All students must have a pass from their teacher to leave the classroom for any reason. Teachers should keep track of who is leaving class, how long they are leaving and how often they are needing to be out of the classroom.  There should not be more than one student out of class at a time and for no more than 5 minutes.  Additionally, all students should only use the bathrooms that are on located on the floor of their class (unless the bathroom is unavailable).
    The library is the only place where more than one student from each class may visit at one time and the only place where students are encouraged to stay more than 5 minutes assuming they are accomplishing their purpose. To aid with keeping track of where our students are at all times, all students are required to sign in using the library's sign in system once they reach the library. 

    The 7 Non-Negotiables (5-8 Campus)
    These expectations are non-negotiable for students

    1. Hats and coats are not to be worn in school.

    2. Bandanas are not to be worn.

    3. Phones and other electronic devices are not allowed during school hours and should be put in lockers.

    4. Wear appropriate clothing and keep pants pulled up.

    5. Purses and backpacks are to be stored in lockers.

    6. Only clear re-useable water bottles are allowed in our schoolhouse.

    7. Students are to be on time to class

    Remember, Safety and Education come first.


    Common Grading Scale (5-8 Campus)

    In a 4-point common grading system, students are assessed based on their proficiency in meeting state academic standards.  At Farnsworth Upper Aerospace Magnet (the Home of Future Leaders), teachers will take the Minnesota Academic Standards, which are broad statements of skills and understandings, and break these down into specific and measurable learning goals for each course.  Learning goals are what students should know (content and concepts) or be able to do (skills and problem solving).  This means that teachers will assess a student’s progress towards meeting each standard based learning goal by indicating the quality at which a student’s work meets a learning goal.

    • Common Grading provides a systematic, whole-school approach to grading that clearly communicates academic achievement to students, families, and staff.
    • Common Grading will more effectively gauge students’ level of understanding in content areas and will better reflect MCA performance levels.

    Please follow the link above for more details.  


    Be On Time Policy (5-8 Campus)  

    Be On Time behavior is defined in our Positive Expectations Matrix. This is a behavior that we model, teach, reteach and practice throughout the year.

    Tardy is defined as when a student enters class after the bell has rung and the student does not have a pass. Tardy is not defined as coming to class unprepared or being out of their assigned seat when the bell sounds.

    Truant is defined as when a student is choosing to be someplace other than where they are supposed to be.

    Tardiness to School: Students who are tardy to school must report to the office. The student will be issued an admit slip and sent to class.  

    Lunch/Bell Schedule 2018 -1 

    Period 1


    9:30 – 10:23

    Period 2


    10:26– 11:19

    Period 3


    11:22 – 12:15


    *A Lunch:

    Grade 5


    11:51 – 12:11


    Period 4


    12:18 - 1:32


    *B Lunch:

    Grade 6


    12:18 – 12:38

     *C Lunch:

    Grade 7


    12:45 – 1:05


    *D Lunch:

    Grade 8


    1:12  – 1:32


    Period 5


    1:35 – 2:28

    Period 6


    2:31 – 3:24







    Please follow the link above for more details. 

    iPad Policy
    Farnsworth Aerospace Middle School uses the iPad as an instructional tool to support students with multiple ways of accessing information, thinking critically and demonstrating what they’ve learned through the use of technology. We encourage students to be respectful, responsible and safe when using their iPad.

    The iPad electronic device may only be used in the classroom for instructional purposes. The iPad electronic device should not be used in the hallway, bathroom, or cafeteria. Headphones may only be used in the classroom with teacher permission. Students whose iPad device is used inappropriately will have their device confiscated.

    Electronics/Cell Phone Policy

    Farnsworth Aerospace Middle School discourages students from bringing cell phones, tablets, iPods, headphones, and other electronic equipment to school. Electronics often become a distraction to the educational environment, and are targets of theft.  Students who choose to bring cell phones and/or other electronics to school do so at their own risk. Farnsworth Aerospace Middle School and the St. Paul School District will not be liable for any damage, loss, or theft of electronic devices (SPPS Policy 520.00: Information Technology Usage & Safety Policy).

    Cell phones/electronic devices may only be used before and after school. Students whose electronics are seen or heard during instructional time will have their devices confiscated.

    Please follow the link above for more details.

    Attendance Policy

    Students attending Farnsworth Aerospace are expected to be in school. Coming to school is the single most important first step that a child can take to be a good student.  Please read through the policy and let us know where we can help your child.

    Please follow the link above for details.

    Weapons Policy
    SPPS Board Policy 903.00 forbids any person from carrying a weapon on a school location.

    Exceptions may be made for:

    • An active licensed peace officer
    • Security personnel on the job for the school district
    • Someone with explicit written permission from the Superintendent

    Action will be taken against anyone who violates this policy.  To read the board policy in its entirety, go to the Policy Manual of the Board of Education of SPPS.

    To read more about safety in Saint Paul Public Schools, go to Security and Emergency Managment's FAQ.