Ms. Lindemer

Phone: 651-293-8685


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. of Science - University of Wisconsin-Stout Master of Education - University of Minnesota

Ms. Lindemer

Hello students and families,

My name is Mrs. Lindemer.  I have been teaching in St. Paul since 1987.  I have been assigned to Elementary schools all the way to High Schools.  This is my fourth year at Murray.  I am part of the specialized service team.  Our team works together to meet the needs of special needs student at Murray. Four years ago Murray opened a new program for students with developmental cognitive disability. From six to eighth grade my students make wonderful academic, functional and social gains. I am proud of my students who make our classroom community remains safe, respectful and responsible.  Our program is a developmental cognitive disability (DCD) program and is designed for students who have significant delays intellectually and who have deficits in adaptive behavior or functional skills. This program features are :   

  • Teachers who are trained in researched-based curriculum and strategies that help students that need academic content linked to real life activities.
  • Curriculum (alternate achievement standards) and alternate assessments that incorporate functional skills and related services to assist in student development.
  • Students spend 60% or more of the school day in a separate Special Education classroom with a teacher specifically trained to work with students who have significant academic, functional, communication, motor, and health needs.

For more information regarding specialized services St. Paul Public School please see below.

Speicalized Services

 We provide special education and related services according to the mandates of the Federal Idividual with Disabilities Education Act (2004) and the State of Minnesota's rules and statutes. We are committed to reducing the disparity of our most marginalized students, primarily our African American males, by bringing inequity to the forefront. We will be achieving excellence through equity for all students with disabilities by providing access to culturally responsive curriculum, environment and instructional practices.



  • Welcome to Family Resources. This section provides sources of information to help families prepare and plan for services for children with Special Education needs.

          Special Education Family Engagement


Parental Rights For Public School Special Education Students

This brochure provides an overview of parental special education rights, sometimes called procedural safeguards. This notice must be provided in your own language or any other mode of communication you may be using. These same procedural safeguards are also available for students with disabilities who have reached the age of 18. This Notice of Procedural Safeguards must be given to you at least one time per year, and it must also be given to you: The first time your child is referred for a special education evaluation; if you or the district requests a due process hearing; or upon your request.