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Grade Level Content


  • We started the learning learning how scientists look closely at things in the natural world. We are learning to sort objects by size, shape, color and texture. We are also learning about changes in the seasons and weather. We will soon be learning about he 5 senses and our bodies.

First Grade

  • Rocks and Soil!

    Now on to Balance and Motion!

Second Grade

  • From mealworms to planting green beans, we've been getting our hands dirty (literally) as we study the life cycles of living things.

Third Grade

  • Crayfish! Plant parts! 

    We're learning about the structures and functions of life. We ask questions like, "why do crayfish have claws?" and "what is a stem's job?"

Fourth Grade

  • We've been attracted to the science of magnetism. Now we are moving on to electricity. We're building circuits and making connections!