Welcome to First/Second Grade Multi-age

  • First/Second Grade classrooms read the book Max and the Tag-Along Moon by Floyd Cooper. They studied vocabulary, discussed character, inferred using picture cues, and made predictions. They then explored the work further by creating their own images of the night sky using pastels.

  • In the First/Secod Grade Classroom

    First grade learners will strengthen and deepen their understanding of skills learned in kindergarten. Students will work daily to become peacemakers by learning to be respectful, responsible and safe in the classroom environments. Students will utilize ipads in their daily instruction as well as integrate the arts into our core learning objectives. Students will receive daily instruction in phonics, reading, writing, math, science or social studies and health. Every student will have art, music, dance, theater and digital arts incorporated into their learning through a co-teaching model and arts rotations. 

    We look forward to a fun and engaging year with your first grader. Please feel free to contact anyone on the team with questions.