• School Library Program

    Welcome to the Library!

    Use the links on the right of this page to quickly get to a resource, or, for more detailed information, click on the headings below. 

    Library QuickGuide

    Use this Resources Handout for login information to several different reading and research resources available to Saint Paul students and staff. 

    School Libraries

    Each school has its own print and ebook collection; follow this link, mylibrary.spps.org, chose your school from the list and explore that school's Destiny catalog,

    You can also quickly get to the library resources, such as Overdrive and MackinVia, from this page.

  • eBooks

    Every student in Saint Paul Public Schools currently has access to a variety of ebooks that can be read on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with Internet access. 


    A collection of ebooks that every teacher and student in the district can access using their Active Directory accounts. For students and teachers , this is the same number used to log on to school computers. Students can create wish lists, place holds and take notes within a book. The collection is geared toward teen readers, but many elementary titles are included;  elementary students are not allowed access to Young Adult and Adult titles (see below).

    • Grade K-5 students can check out juvenile fiction and nonfiction titles
    • Grade 6-8 students can check out juvenile fiction and nonfiction and young adult titles
    • Grade 9-12 students can check out juvenile fiction and nonfiction, young adult and adult titles. 

    All titles can be downloaded for offline reading. Watch this Overdrive Tutorial for more information.


    An e-resouce management system, it holds ebooks the school has purchased, along with easy access to databases and other online sites. Students can easily define words, hightlight text, and take notes - which stay in their "backpack" even when the ebook is returned. Titles can be downloaded for offline reading.

    Tumblebooks Library

    A collection of streaming ebooks for grades PreK-8. Picture books are read out load as the text is highlighted. Graphic novels and chapter books are included for middle school readers. Books can not be downloaded. Use the direct link here, or get the username and passwordt from your media staff person. 

    Tumblebook Cloud 

    A collection of streaming ebooks for grades 6-12. This collection contains a variety of titles, from classics to graphic novels. Use the direct link here, or get the username and password from your media staff person. Watch this Tumblebooks tutorial video to learn more - you can get the password from your library media specialist. 

    Capstone Interactive Library

    More than 3500 nonfiction and fiction titles geared toward K-8 readers that includes graphic novels, books on math, history, science, language arts and more. Many titles are read out loud as the text is highlighted. No username or password required, just click the link. We have this collection on a trial basis, so tell us what you think!

  • Research

    Every student in the district has access to a variety of research resources, from the non-fiction books housed in their schools to a online encyclopedias and journal articles. Look through the resources below to find what best meets your research needs. 


    A database specifically designed for Prek-4th grade students that's noted for its ease of navigation, layout and non-fiction content. The encylopedic entries provide clear, concise text, photos, videos and text that can be read out loud to students. The database covers four main areas: Science, Social Studies, Animals and Biographies.


    The Electronic Library of Minnesota (ELM) is a state sponsered Website with access to an incredibly vast array of resources, including encylopedias, journal articles, video clips. There are multiple collections within ELM and navigating can be tricky at first, but a good starting point is choose a resoruce based on grade level:  

    Library Catalogs

    Each school has its own unique collection of print and ebook resources. To find what's available, go to mylibrary.spps.org, chose your school and you'll be taken to the Destiny catalog, which holds the records for all of that school's print books. It also has recrods for ebooks, but it's often faster to go into one of the eBook collections, like OverDrive or MackinVia, and search within the collection 

  • School Library Program

    The SPPS district media team supports students, media staff, and media centers throughout SPPS by providing training on library software and procedures, working with vendors to provide online content, curating and creating digital and print resources, and staying current on 21st century information literacy and technology skills. 

    Vision Statement

    The long-term vision of the library program is to establish a full-service learning, research, and project space in every school to foster collaboration and provide quiet areas for individual reading and study. Staffed by licensed librarians who work collaboratively with teachers and students directly, the School Library Program helps students:

    • Foster a love of reading.
    • Access learning resources in a variety of formats.
    • Learn the skills needed to locate, evaluate, and use information resources ethically.
    • Maximize their iPads to personalize their learning.
    • Become responsible digital citizens.


    Using a variety of information resources and digital tools, librarians help teachers teach and students learn information literacy standards. Librarians also support the work of technology integrationists who help teachers enrich student learning by incorporating emerging technologies in the classroom through the iPad.

    Supporting Families

    The School Library Program is also strengthening the district’s partnership with the Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) to bolster both student and family supports. The SPPL will support the district’s 1:1 personalized learning project by:

    • Providing AppleCare technical information to our families.
    • Helping our families access apps and resolve minor troubleshooting issues.
    • Returning lost iPads to SPPS.
    • Increasing public awareness about the iPad’s security features to protect student information in the event an iPad is lost or stolen.


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