The Art Department

Art builds community

    WELCOME to the Visual Art Department at Highland Park Senior High School!

    Highland's Visual Art Department focuses on engaging all students in creative development and technical learning as part of our personal philosophy that each student has a valuable voice to share. Instruction is also based in the International Baccalaureate philosophy of engaging with learning and expression from the world.

    The visual arts provide space to reflect, heal, question, explore, and express. Course offerings include beginning and advanced level courses in ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, digital photography, design, digital filmmaking, yearbook (electronic publishing), and IB/DP visual art and design. Classes include lecture, study, demonstrations, research, reflection, and hands-on work. Courses may be repeated for additional credit.

    IB/DP Summer Assignment:

    -> 1st Year IB Art and Design Artists

    -> Returning IB Art and Design Artists

    Summer Peer Assessment tool (may help as you do the work)