Department of AVID at Highland Park Senior High School

  • WELCOME to AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) at Highland Park Senior High School.

    What is Avid...

    • AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.
    • students must apply and obtain an interview in order to be eligible for acceptance into AVID. Applications are due in March and interviews are in April of each year
    • AVID is implemented schoolwide and districtwide.
    • AVID is in 48 states and 16 countries
    • HSPH AVID graduates obtain an average of $2.2m in offered scholarships each year
    • You must be in at least 1 accellerated course in order to remain in the AVID program
    • AVID students must maintain a "C" average with no D's or N's in order to remain in AVID
    • HPSH AVID graduates are attending post secondary instutitions from Howard to Stanford to Hawaii

    What AVID isn't...

    • AVID isn't a remedial program.
    • AVID isn't a free ride.
    • AVID isn't a niche program.
    • AVID isn't a college outreach program.

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  • Current Activiites: ACT Prep and Service Learning prep

    ACT- April 28

    SL-April 29


  • Current Assignment: Project Presentations

    Due Date: May 4,6