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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Art Education from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Master of Arts in Education from Hamline University. Doctorate in Teacher Leadership from Walden University. MN Teaching Licenses in Visual Arts K-12, and Communication Technology Career (CTE) 7-12 BACKGROUND I have enjoyed teaching art to students since 1997, first in Sussex Wisconsin, starting at Highland in 2000. I have taught classes of dark room photography and digital photography, studio art, stained glass, ceramics, painting, art history, drawing, AVID, Summer School Math, Money Management, and of course IB Art and Design. My constant pleasure is helping students develop their skills and find their voices. My philosophy is that art should allow people to grow in technical and creative skills. I admire Minnesota artist and Duluth native Wing Young Huie who said, "Art can be a window and a mirror." We may see others more clearly through art. We may also better understand ourselves. Huie and I have a shared interest in journalism, storytelling, and visual communication. Art and Design work includes 'Visual Thinking' and 'Studio Habits of Mind' (google them :) ), including factors like observation and persistence. I look forward to learning about you and about art and design together!

Dr. Keri Schultz

Keri Schultz
Art Teacher

“All great achievements require time.”  -Maya Angelou

“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.”  -Henri Matisse

“Art is a window and also a mirror.”  -Wing Young Huie


IB/DP Summer Assignment:

-> 1st Year IB Art and Design Artists

-> Returning IB Art and Design Artists

Summer Peer Assessment tool (may help as you do the work)

 IB EXAM: brief overview. see rubrics for more details.


• IB ART AND DESIGN: Students ask questions, perform research, investigate techniques, develop, critique, and refine their own thematic art and design work.  IB Art Syllabus    Official IB Guide       Art LibGuide     Project Proposal Form

• PORTFOLIO DRAWING: Students explore, reflect, and develop skills through a portfolio-based approach to drawing. Drawing Syllabus

• DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Students apply visual language; learning design, exploring technology, and communicating ideas. Beginning Photo Syllabus  Advanced Photo SyllabusUnits may be adjusted. It uses standards-based grading.

• YEARBOOK (electronic publishing): Students learn page design, ladders, publishing, copywriting, and photography to create an innovative yearbook Yearbook Syllabus  Yearbook Website