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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Art Education from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Master of Arts in Education from Hamline University. Doctorate in Teacher Leadership from Walden University. 2020-2021 Schedule Semester One Period 1) Photo (beginning and Advanced) Period 2) Photo (beginning and Advanced) Period 3) prep Period 4) PLC time Period 5) Photo (beginning and Advanced) Period 6) YEARBOOK Period 7) Photo (beginning and Advanced) Semester Two Period 1) Film (beginning and Advanced) Period 2) Film (beginning and Advanced) Period 3) prep Period 4) PLC time Period 5) Film (beginning and Advanced) Period 6) YEARBOOK Period 7) Film (beginning and Advanced)

Dr. Keri Schultz

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Art should allow people to grow in exciting and authentic ways while refining technical and creative skills.

Minnesota artist Wing Young Huie  said, "art can be a window and a mirror."

This means we may see others more clearly through art, and we may also better understand ourselves.

Art includes Visible and Visual Thinking, imagination and truthseeking, and Habits of Mind, like observation and persistence.

I look forward to learning together!

Project Proposal: Project Proposal Form with Rubric 

PHOTOGRAPHY (MYP): Students apply the visual language of photography; learning components of design, Photoshop skills, and how to communicate ideas. Photo Syllabus    Advanced Syllabus

FILM (MYP): Students create their own individual and group films; learning about film genres, pre-production, cinematography, and editing techniques. 2021 Adjusted Film Syllabus   Film Syllabus    Advanced Syllabus

YEARBOOK (MYP): Students make an innovative yearbook; learning about page design, publishing technologies, copywriting and editing, and photography. Yearbook Syllabus  Yearbook Website

IB ART (DP): Students ask questions as they create individual artworks, perform historical and contemporary research, investigate techniques, critique, and refine. IB Art Syllabus   Official IB Guide


OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00-3:00 google meet nickname hpshschultz150; Monday and Wednesday 1:00-3:00 google meet nickname hpshschultz150

CLASS GOOGLE MEET nickname: hpshschultz150