About Hamline Elementary

  • We are Hamline.

    Hamline Elementary is a racially, culturally, and economically diverse community of learners in the heart of Saint Paul's Hamline Midway neighborhood. Our families come from many Saint Paul communities and from all over the world. Our talented and spirited staff bring decades of experience to the classroom; they also bring kind, generous, and joyful hearts. Specialists in physical education, and science create engaging opportunties for discovery and self-expression. And from the front office, to the cafeteria, to everywhere in between, Hamline is positively filled with caring adults and good vibes.

    With a variety of spaces to encourage inquiry, movement, and community building - including a bright and engaging library, a gymnasium, a cafeteria - complete with performance stage, a maker space, sensory room, and community gardens - Hamline students have many spaces in which to explore, create, and connect. Outside Hamline's doors is an active, colorful, and generous neighborhood. And whether it's nearby Hancock Recreation Center with its afterschool programs and family-friendly events and activities, or a vibrant public library a block away, Hamline students and families are never far from opportunities to make community connections. 

    crossing Snelling Avenue

    Two campuses. One community.

    Hamline Elementary enjoys a robust, dynamic, and one-of-a-kind partnership with Hamline University, our neighbor across Snelling Avenue. The Hamline to Hamline Collaboration provides unique school-day and after-school programs, brings more than 100 university student tutors and mentors into our building every week, and coordinates academic department pairings in many areas of study including mathematics, theater, anthropology, and law. Elementary students make their first campus visit in kindergarten and return frequently for academic enrichment, rich cultural experiences including author readings, musical performances, and a variety of special events.

    In 2018, Hamline Elementary and Hamline University enthusiastically agreed to expand their long-time partnership and create an innovative elementary program that brings best practices in education theory and research directly into the classroom, This program redesign provides university support and professional investment at a leve unparalleled in the state of Minnesota. 

    Full Service Community School

    Hamline Elementary is a full-service community school, integrating high-quality academics with health and social services for all members of our school community. With a dedicated Family Room and a team of staff and community members working together to coordinate purposeful partnerships, our school can streamline access to important services and resources, remove barriers, provide empowering and compassionate support, and build a foundation for students to thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. 


  • At Hamline Elementary, we want our students to leave fifth grade with more than enough knoweldge and skills in order to be successful in their future academic careers and individual life paths. As a team, we worked with a company to develop five core competencies that we believe are essential in supporting our students in their lives. These five competencies are incorporated throughout each day and thoughtfully aligned within our curriculum. 

    Hamline Huskies are:

    1. Communicators

    2. Collaborators

    3. Creators

    4. Critical Thinkers

    5. Community and Self Aware