Collaboration (HH)

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    The Hamline to Hamline Collaboration is a partnership between Hamline University and Hamline Elementary School. Hamline Elementary School and Hamline University are on neighboring campuses located directly across Snelling Avenue from each other in St. Paul. Students, staff, and faculty at Hamline University and Hamline Elementary School have been crossing Snelling Avenue to participate in collaborative activities with each other, creating alliances across the community.

    In the spring of 1991, Hamline University and Hancock Elementary School formed a collaboration that became the first university-elementary partnership of its kind in the nation. Since its foundation,  Hamline students have shared many valuable learning experiences together. The Collaboration continues to strive towards an integrated campus that fosters reciprocal relationships and practices the philosophy that “College Begins in Kindergarten.”

    The Collaboration is unique for its interdisciplinary scope of programs, featuring academic pairings between Hancock grade levels and University departments, Hand in Hand mentoring, joint-service learning projects, as well as collaborative mini-grants that offer financial support for projects between Hamline and Hancock instructors and students. Academic pairings allow Hancock students from every grade the chance to participate in a project with different departments and schools within Hamline University. For example, elementary and university students may work together on projects that focus on homelessness, culturally relevant pedagogy, and water conservation (to name a few).  

    The Collaboration also features a comprehensive and expansive tutoring program that annually employs around 90 Hamline students to work in Hamline Elementary classrooms. Many Hamline students also participate in the Hand in Hand mentoring program, as well as other smaller collaborative projects implemented through Hamline courses or student organizations. 

    Statement of Purpose 

    The purpose of the Hamline To Hamline Collaboration is to build and strengthen the collaborative community through relationships, shared learning, and cultural diversity.


    Bridging Snelling Avenue, Hamline Elementary School and Hamline University are one integrated campus.  Each member of our community is both a teacher and a student, engaged in a journey of lifelong learning on a campus that provides a rich variety of resources to support this diverse education.  Whether child or adult, long-time resident or new arrival, we bring our own unique talents and perspectives and take away a commitment to knowledge, service, and community.

    Hamline Collaboration Contacts

    Coordinator for the H-H Collaboration: Nancy Vang |
    Hamline Elementary Liaison: Jodie Wilson|
    Hamline Faculty Liaison: Frank Shaw |

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