Classrooms at Hamline

A teacher places a book onto a toothpick bridge as students watch.
  • Pictured: Fifth graders watch as Mr. Gjerde places a book onto a toothpick bridge. Students worked in teams to design and build these bridges as a project, and families were invited into the celebration. During the celebration, Mr. Gjerde counted how many books each bridge would support until it collapsed. A great exercise in engineering, collaboration, and creativity.

  • Hamline Elementary uses an Inquiry-based Model in all our classrooms.

    Inquiry-based learning:

    • Supports our student competencies of Collaborators, Communicators, Creators, Critical Thinkers, and Self & Community Aware

    • Is a culturally-responsive approach that allows space for student ideas, cultures, and capabilities and connects learning to students’ lives

    • Builds upon students’ strengths and interests to increase student engagement

    • Builds student ownership by shifting the teacher-learner dynamic to being co-creators in the learning space

    • Encourages students to wonder and direct their own learning by asking questions, investigating, and collaborating to make meaning

Elementary students smiling.