First Grade

  • Welcome to first grade!  We currently have one section of first grade here at Hamline Elementary!  We use the Reader's and Writer's workshop models in the classrooms.

    Inquiry: We are ALWAYS wondering and asking questions in First Grade.

    Academic: We learn how to read, write and explore numbers up to 120!

    Responsive Classroom is used to build community with a focus on developing social skills to improve academics. We have a daily morning meeting to get to know each other through greetings, sharing and cooperative activities.

    Field trips occur throughout the year to integrate areas of study in the curriculum. First grade is paired with the drama department at Hamline University. This connection provides the children with an opportunity to experience the behind the scene workings of a play production.

    Homework: Every night students are expected to read a book at their independent reading level.  They can read by themselves, to an adult or adults, or younger and older siblings.