Fifth Grade

Fifth Graders enjoy swimming at Hamline!
  • The fifth grade has an exciting, integrated, hands-on curriculum.  We use Reader's Workshop, a program where the students read books independently at their own reading level as well as with a teacher guided reading group. We use Writer's Workshop, a program where students learn how to lead a "writerly life".  They have many opportunities to write in class and at home using their own ideas from their writer's notebook.  We hold publishing parties throughout the year to honor and recognize their hard work.  Our Math curriculum is called Everyday Math.  This series provides instruction on new skills and includes challenges for those students who are able to proceed at a faster pace.  All fifth grade classes use the Responsive Classroom model to build community and cooperative skills. 

    Lastly, the fifth grade integrates Health, Social Studies, Art, Science and Music into the daily curriculum.  Our fifth grade field trips are carefully aligned with the District fifth grade standards.   As with other grade levels, special opportunities to utilize the Hamline University campus are also available to fifth graders.  These include swimming at the pool, a Mock Trial presentation at the law school, and a delicious lunch in Sorin Hall.  

    5th grade classrooms are 1:1 ipads, that means each student has an ipad to learn with each day, all day.  We are soon going to be sending them home for more personalized learning.  See the pdf form below for rules/guidelines for taking ipads home.

Grade 5 Art

Learn to Code

  • - this is a free website

    Tynker - this is a website but there is also an iOS app that is free for the first 20 levels

    Scratch - this is a free website

    Daisy the Dinosaur - free iOS app (great for beginners)

    Hopscotch - free iOS app (easy)

    Cargobot - free iOS app (more difficult)