Students!!! Check This Out!!! Computer Activities, Contacts, Contests and More!

  • Activities

    • Artbot
      Make your own pictures with Artbot and send them in to us! You can also look at other kids' art and watch cool art videos.
    • Artbot Jr.
      Colour your favourite tvokids' characters on Artbot Jr. You can add stickers and send in your art too!
    • Bird Cam
      Help the Ontario Science Centre track birds at their bird feeder!
    • Blackbeard Galley Chef
      Make your own recipes with Blackbeard Galley Chef. Choose the ingredients and get cooking.
    • Bookmark Forge
      Make your book ranger cool by creating your own rodeo styled bookmark with Bookmark Forge.
    • Brainmelter
      Test yourself with these brain teasing riddles. Be careful not to melt your brain!
    • Buzz Box
      This is where you can hear your messages and what other tvokids are saying!
    • Create-A-Card Workshop
      Make your own special thank you cards. You can choose your background, add graphics and add special messages!
    • Critter Crawler
      Buzz-tastic! Put together parts of an insect by answering the questions correctly.
    • Home Lab
      Do you like fun science projects? The Home Lab is full of exciting activities you can do in your own home!
    • Homework Zone
      Homework Zone teams up with a teacher to answer your questions about homework.
    • Lisa Mona's Art Centre
      Hello Artists! Make art with Lisa and send it to us! To see artwork that other kids have made go to Create and Share.
    • School Scout
      See what Grade 1 is all about! Watch videos about classroom manners, recess rules and much more!
    • Thank You Card
      Make a special thank you card! Write a special message, add pictures and print it!
    • The Royals
      The Queen and the Joker hop, skip, and jump into some really fun summertime activities.
    • TVOKids HotlineIs something bothering you? Are you worried, scared or unhappy? Discover tips on how to deal.
    • Word World
      With this activity you can make the words come alive...with colour!


    • Ask Sara
      If you have a science question this is the perfect place to ask!


    • DSS Chef of the Day
      Enter the Chef of the Day contest and you could be a part of the DSS show!
    • Reading Challenge
      Take the reading challenge and help TVOKids reach our 1 million minutes of reading goal!

    Event Series

    • Read with Gisele
      Come out and meet Gisèle from TVOKids at "a library near you".
    • TVOKIDS CRUISERThe new DSS Cruiser will be hitting the streets this summer and fall!


    • Alphabet Goop
      Have fun learning your letters with Gisele and her gooey alphabet soup!
    • Amazing Journey
      Complete the mazes during this wild ride through the five senses of the human body.
    • Animal Where
      Put the animals in the right spot. They need your help to get home.
    • Animal Who
      Learn the alphabet and hear amazing animal noises!
    • Artbot Action
      Program Artbot to follow your commands and reveal the hiding art!
    • Beat the Clock
      How fast can you beat the clock? Set the timer to find out. Ready, set, go!
    • Big Escape
      Complete the journal and escape from Dr. Know It All. Use your best sleuthing skills. It's tricky!
    • Big Escape 2
      Where is Doctor Know it All this time? Find him in this next chapter!
    • Big Escape 3
      Catch Doctor Know It All before he escapes… again!
    • Big Escape 4
      Race through time and catch Dr. Know It All once and for all. Without your help, reading will be lost forever!
    • Big Wig Sub Shop
      Big Wig Sub Shop: Find two numbers that equal the customer order and watch your crazy wig grow!
    • Bump-A-Word
      Find all the words that describe each picture in this fast-paced, bumper car game!
    • Caterpillar Count
      You can help this cute caterpillar grow! Collect the numbers in sequence and watch it get bigger.
    • Charlie and Lola
      Play and learn with this fun brother and sister, Charlie and Lola!
    • Choo-Choo Choices
      Join Sticks on his train ride through the forest. Learn about caring, sharing and helping. Choo-Choo!
    • Clock Talk
      Help Lotta Numbers set the clock to the right time. Choose hours or half hours!
    • Coin Combo
      Use your math skills and click on the coins... fast! Try to get to the next level before time runs out!
    • Colour Combo
      Explore what happens when you mix different colours together!
    • Cosmic Bowling
      Learn about the constellations in the sky and try to get a strike in this out-of-this-world bowling game!
    • Creepy Candy
      Help Ryan get Lisa's candy out of the mansion!
    • Crossworld Puzzler
      Solve the crosswords and help the Rangers find the Book of All Knowledge!
    • Dino Dan
      Come play with Dino Dan in his backyard.
    • Dino Dig
      Hey dinosaur hunter! Join Alberta Rex as she travels the world to dig up cool dinosaur fossils.
    • DSS Dance Mania
      Choose your moves and music to dance with the TVOKids hosts. Move your feet and get down!
    • Enviro Girl
      Work with your teammate to stop her nemesis, Dr. Burn, from ruining the environment!
    • Firewall
      Help the Super Citizens protect their headquarters by building a Firewall!
    • Flower Frenzy
      Time is running out! Find as many flower sequences in Tumbleweed's garden as quick as you can.
    • Golf Tee-Off
      Join Tumbleweed at Golf Meadows for some mini-golfing!
    • Iona's Sing Song
      Iona says that writing songs rocks! Create your first hit song and Iona will sing it.
    • Ivan's Deli
      Build a mega-sandwich by matching yummy ingredients.
    • Jay Calls
      Help Jay the Blue Jay figure out which animal is making a sound. Listen closely! Squak! Hoot! Woof!
    • Jay Jay's Jam
      Learn all about the sounds instruments make with Jay and his friends.
    • Keyboard Climber
      You can help a monkey jump to the moon with your typing skills!
    • Letterella
      Meet the letters of the alphabet! Have fun listening as Letterella sings and pronounces each letter.
    • Loosey Goosey Rhymes
      Jay loves to read Loosey Goosey rhymes. But, uh oh. Loosey Goosey letters keep falling off the words! abc,
    • Machine Mystery
      Help Sam Sleuth find the missing pieces to her mystery machine!
    • Magie Gi
      Have fun making magic with Magie Gi the Magician - in French and English!
    • Mama Mirabelle
      Play with animals! Take pictures, make a monkey chain, put on a concert and more!
    • Minimops
      You can record your own music, solve fun puzzles, garden and more! Join in on the adventure!
    • Mirror Mystery
      The Magic Mirror challenges you to read his mind with clues, voices, cards and fun facts about opera!
    • Monster Match
      Don't be afraid! Match as many monster faces as quick as you can!
    • Mood Maker
      Are you happy, sad, surprised or sleepy? Tell Gisele and make some music together about it!
    • Music Maker
      Make and record your very own songs then dance it up!
    • My Canada
      Play this cool memory game and you can become a pro at Canadian geography!
    • Orchestra
      You get to be the conductor! Learn about the four instrument families in the orchestra.
    • Park Puzzler
      Join Engineering Savi as she explores Puzzle Park for gears, levels and wheels for fun carnival rides.
    • Penelope K
      Penelope K brings you lots of fun games to play, by the way!
    • Pillars of Freedom
      Spirit and Imm need your help to win back freedom for all the dragons!
    • Pirates... Maps and Traps
      Search the ocean for treasure while trying to avoid the deadly pirates who look to get in your way.
    • Playing Shakespeare
      What is William Shakespeare thinking? Use clues and listen closely and be sure to concentrate!
    • Pop It!
      Dance with the Pop It stars!
    • Rhyme Rodeo
      Do you have the time to make some rhyme? This is the game that may bring you some fame!
    • Rhyme Time
      Read along with Gisèle. Click on the words and watch a fun animation!
    • Ringo
      It's just like Bingo, except you use instruments and sounds instead of numbers! Get a Ringo and you win!
    • Seedball
      Help Tumbleweed get his seeds to his car by making a path. Remember to find the secret pieces!
    • Shapeville
      How many different shapes can you find in Shapeville?
    • Sign Match
      Have fun with Robbie the sign robot and Gisele while learning about the signs you see everyday.
    • Snow Friends
      Enter a snowy land where you can ice fish, make music, decorate snowflakes and more!
    • Snowboard Run
      Hit the ski hill with Vikings Helga and Darcy! The Trick Book has neat information to help you play.
    • Soccer Showdown
      Lace up your soccer cleats kids! You get to be the goalie and the kicker against Vikings Helga and Darcy.
    • Sort It
      Help shopkeepers This and That sort the toys in their messy shop!
    • Space Trek
      Help Captain Kent avoid meteors and flying space objects as he speeds around the planets.
    • Spelling Bee
      Are you spelling bee material? Find out by testing your spelling skills with the cute little Spelling Bee.
    • Spellz
      Visit the Spellz site and learn magic tricks!
    • Stacking Up
      Quickly match the shapes, but don't get to the danger zone!
    • Sticks and the Seasons
      Explore the four seasons, plant seeds, water flowers, feed fish, hear bird chirps and more!
    • Super Comic Creator
      What should happen next? Take control and finish the story your way. Create your own comic with Super Comic Creator!
    • Taste Buds
      Taste Buds will show you how to make some fun foods and you can play some fun food games too!
    • Tati's Hotel
      Visit Tati's magical hotel and play some exciting games!
    • The Bodies
      Race to give The Bodies the right foods to make them happy and healthy. Try to make the Top 10 list!
    • The Bodies vs. Boffo
      Boffo the Computer Virus infected The Bodies Menu Planner! Help collect food items fast to wipe out the virus.
    • The Greens
      A cool site about how to look after the planet!
    • Tigga and Togga
      Visit a farm, go scuba-diving, check out the wild-west, play in a backyard and more with your friends Tigga and Togga.
    • Time Trackers
      Travel back in time to learn about famous Canadians and get access to a secret file!
    • Time Warp Trio
      Travel through time with your friends, Joe, Sam and Fred.
    • Triangle Alley
      Tumbletown is all mixed up! Help Daisy and Tumbleweed put it back in order.
    • Tumbletown Bound
      Tumbleweed has run out of seeds! Help him get to the seed shop by building a path for him to drive on with his red mini car.
    • Tumbletown Tales
      Join Tumbleweed and Daisy to play cool math games. Math has never been this much fun!
    • Wanda Wonder Words
      Wanda is a rock and roll singer who loves words. When you fill up the music notes she will rock out for you!
    • What's Different
      Spot the differences while flying through space, tip-toeing through a castle and sailing through the ocean!
    • Wild Cards Solitaire
      Spot the number sequences and patterns in the cards. Once you start, you will not want to stop!
    • Word Magic
      You can play this game in single or multiplayer mode!
    • Ye Olde Knight's Quest
      Battle through many medieval mazes to get a knighthood from the Queen. Beware of the dragon and octopus!
    • Yo Yo on the Go Go
      Play a fast and furious video game with Yo Yo Kid and the Four Food Groups. Watch out for Boffo!


    • 64 Zoo Lane
      Lucy is a lucky girl. She can talk to the zoo animals next door!
    • Alphabet Goop
      Have fun learning your letters with Gisele and her gooey alphabet soup!
    • Artbot and Al
      Artbot and Al love showing off your amazing artwork in their studio!
    • Arthur
      Arthur is an 8 year old aardvark who loves to read and explore!
    • Ask Sara
      Sara the scientist answers your questions about science!
    • Ask TVOKids
      Kara, Drew, and Mark answer your emails in fun and cool ways!
    • Bodies
      A short series about healthy eating.
    • Bug Camp
      These campers love to learn about insects!
    • Charlie and Lola
      Charlie and Lola are a brother and sister who like to solve problems.
    • Dino Dan
      Dino Dan has a special talent, he can see dinosaurs!
    • Dino Dig
      Explore cool dinosaur fossils with the tvokids hosts.
    • Dinosaur Train
      Buddy is a T-Rex who boards a magical train that takes him to far away lands.
    • DSS
      Watch some cool kids perform their favourite sports!
    • Electric Company
      The Electric Company is made up of a group of teenagers who are literacy superheroes!
    • First on the Scene
      The Big Backyard News and Sticks are reporting on cool children's accomplishments!
    • Fun with Claude
      Join Claude and his family as they move house to a new town.
    • Game Tips & Tricks
      Kara, Drew, and Mark share game tips, tricks and hints to some of our most popular games!
    • Get Growing
      Tia and her friends have a community garden!
    • Get Ready For School
      A six-part series which helps children get ready for their first days at school.
    • Grandpa in my Pocket
      This Grandpa has a magical shrinking cap. When he shrinks he goes on adventures!
    • Greenbelt Adventure
      Sammi sets out to discover the Ontario Greenbelt and all the fun activities it has to offer!
    • Hi-5
      It's time to get up and boogie with Hi-5!
    • Hippothesis
      This science series answers the "why" questions all young scientists have.
    • Hotline
      Are you worried, scared or unhappy? Discover tips on how to deal.
    • I Dare You
      Daniel has 3 special dares for you to do.
    • Jack
      Jack loves to explore the world and figure out how it works!
    • Jungle Book
      Join Mowgli and his friends as they have fun in the jungle.
    • Little Princess
      The Little Princess is full of wonder. Watch as she learns the answers to all her questions.
    • Louie
      Louie along with his friend Yoko, the ladybird, love to draw!
    • Lulu
      Lulu is a french speaking squirrel who loves to chat with her friends.
    • Magie Gi
      Magi Gi is a french magician who loves to wave her wand and perform tricks!
    • Making Stuff
      Making Stuff is a show about how things are made.
    • Manners
      Grom is a rude caveman! Watch as he learns some manners.
    • Martha Speaks
      Martha isn't a regular dog, she can talk, solve mysteries and work!
    • Math City
      This city will show you that math can be funny!
    • Meet My Pet
      Watch as these kids as they talk about their cute pets!
    • Mighty Machines
      The machines in this show will talk to you and explain what's going on!
    • Milly, Molly
      Meet two best friends who like each other despite their many differences.
    • Miss BG
      Meet Miss BG, a 7-year-old girl who likes behaving like a big kid!
    • Mr. Moon
      Mr. Moon flies in the sky in his red rocket ship looking for adventure!
    • My Canada
      Canada is a pretty big place! Find out all about it!
    • Pop It!
      Learn new dance moves with the crew from Pop It!
    • PoppetsTown
      These Poppets are all about fun! But what happens after fun? Help them figure it out!
    • Radio Rides
      The Joker invites you to join him on Radio Rides!
    • Rainy Day Play
      Jay, Sticks and Melvin have fun inside when it's rainy outside!
    • Saddle Club
      Meet 3 teenage girls who love to ride horses!
    • Spellz
      Find out how magic is performed and learn a few tricks of your own!
    • Star Spots
      Check out all the cool and interesting people that have visited us in The Space!
    • Taste Buds
      Get the scoop about food and cooking with Taste Buds!
    • Tati's Hotel
      Tati gets the chance to take charge of her own life by taking over and running a magical hotel.
    • The Jungle Room
      The Jungle Room is a fun daycare where kids get to explore, make and laugh with each other.
    • The Ocean Room
      A show about all the cool creatures that live under water!
    • The Space
      Join Kara and Drew every day after school in their high-tech headquarters!
    • Time Trackers
      This show is about secret files, famous Canadians, time traveling and much more!
    • Transform It
      Transform It will show you how to make cool crafts!
    • Tumbletown Reads
      Tumbleweed has a new job! He is a reporter of the Tumble Town Gazette.
    • TVOKids WeekendsLet Princess P, the Joker, Al, and Jigsaw Jill add an extra level of fun to your weekend!
    • Where is Skipper?
      Melvin has lost his friend Skipper! Watch to see if Melvin will ever find her.
    • Wibbly Pig
      Wibbly is a little pig with a big imagination!
    • Wild Kratts
      Join the Kratts brothers on a trip to see rare wildlife!
    • Word Girl
      Word Girl is saving the world with power punches and big words!
    • Zoboomafoo
      Visit Animal Junction and discover cool animals!