Welcome to Third Grade!

  • Children at Computer

    Third grade is a very exciting year filled with many adventures and much learning.

    Among the many things your child will learn this year are:

    • Read and understand a range of materials such asmagazines, poetry, and plays.
    • Read 25 books for entertainment and information.
    • Tell the setting, characters, problems and solutionsafter reading a book.
    • Write paragraphs and stories.
    • Write letters, announcements, and news stories.
    • Give and follow directions that involved several stepssuch as baking cookies or going home from school.
    • Use cursive handwriting.
    • Organize mathematical information using pictures andcharts.
    • Create graphs and tables and use them to drawconclusions and make predictions.
    • Read, write, and compare numbers to 1 million.
    • Use concrete objects or diagrams to solve problemsinvolving mathematics, arrangements or routes.
    • Add and subtract 3 digit numbers without carryingnumbers.
    • Learn multiplication through twelve.
    • Divide objects into equal fractional parts.
    • Add decimals to the hundredths place.
    • Create new patterns and complete existing ones.
    • Describe 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.
    • Recognize and use a growing number of words in reading, writing and speaking.