Second Grade!

Second Grade
  • We have 4 sections of second grade this year.
    Our team is made up of:

    Ms. Couture (651)744-2335

    Mr. Paradise (651)744-6172

    Mrs. Krenik (651)744-4693

    Ms. Vang (651) 744-2306

    Monthly Team Newsletter

    Are you wondering what 2nd graders will be working on this year?
    Here are some of the key things we focus on in reading, writing, and math.

    Math – Second grade students work on:
    mastering basic addition and subtraction facts
    2-digit addition and subtraction
    place value
    solving real world problems
    creating and solving number patterns
    identifying 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes

    Reading and Writing – Second Grade students work on:
    Becoming independent readers by building our reading stamina
    Building our writing stamina by writing daily
    Retelling Fiction
    Making connections and creating mental images
    Asking questions in both fiction and nonfiction
    Writing fiction and nonfiction pieces
    Making Inferences
    Reading fluently with good expression and pacing

    Social Studies
    Civics (Rights & Responsibilities, Voting)
    Economics (Resources & Exchange)
    Geography (Human & Environmental Interaction, Direction)
    History (Change & Continuity, Cause & Effect)

    Physical Education


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