September 7th

  • Welcome!
    We are very excited to be your third grade teachers this year! We have wonderful learning experiences ahead of us and look forward to getting to know you and your child. Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions!

    Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops
    During the first few weeks of school students will learn many rituals and routines. They will learn about their notebooks, where to find things in the room, who to ask for help and when to ask for help. Students will also have a chance to read and write – getting the feel of the workshop model and their notebooks.

    Skills Block: Word Work and Cursive
    During our skills block, students will have the opportunity to learn cursive writing as well as spelling patterns. Every short week, due to days off or breaks, the students will learn cursive. The other weeks we will focus on spelling patterns and strategies in class. They will not have spelling tests each week in 3rd grade!

    Math Workshop
    The students will start the year by learning to multiply by 0 - 5, 9 and 10. The students will learn the remaining numbers soon after. We want you to work on basic math facts at home with your student, and include them when planning shopping trips and when cooking. That exposure to money and fractions is both meaningful and authentic!

    Specialist: Art, Chinese and Gym
    Our prep teachers are on a ten-day rotation. Here are the schedules for all three classes for the next few weeks:

    Mrs. Clausen’s Class
    Week of September 4th: No School, Art, Art, Art, Art
    Week of September 11th: Art, Art, Art, Art, Art
    Week of September 18th: Art, Gym, Gym, Gym, Gym

    Ms. Kelley’s Class
    Week of September 4th: No School, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese
    Week of September 11th: Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese
    Week of September 18th: Chinese, Art, Art, Art, Art

    Mrs. Vogelgesang’s Class
    Week of September 4th: No School, Gym, Gym, Gym, Gym
    Week of September 11th: Gym, Gym, Gym, Gym, Gym
    Week of September 18th: Gym, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese

    Arrival & Attendance
    It is important for your student to be here on time every day. Students can begin arriving at 9:15a, and the bell rings to start school at 9:30a. Students coming to class after 9:30a will be marked tardy. We know there are times when families are running late, have doctor appointments, or our students need to stay home because they are ill. However, we ask that you make every effort to schedule appointments & vacations on days when school is not in session. If your child will be absent or late though, please email us and/or call Terri in the office at 651-293-8770. Students arriving late must be escorted to the office by an adult where an admit slip will be issued.

    We know students like to bring in a special treat for their birthday. In accordance with the school district's wellness policy, we suggest treats like crackers, fruit, pudding cups with spoons, or non-food items like stickers or pencils. If your student really has their heart set on a sweet treat, please purchase it in the mini portions. Birthday parties, cakes, balloons and such are not allowed at school. Before sending anything to school, please confirm the number of students in class and send that amount. If there is not enough for each student, the treat will not be passed out. Also, health rules require that we serve store bought items only.

    Breakfast & School Start Time
    Breakfast starts at 9:15a. Students should get breakfast right away when they arrive, then bring it to their room to eat.

    Homework & Thursday Folders
    A homework folder will be given most Mondays of the school year. Please have your student complete the work inside the folder and return it the following Monday. If we are not in school on a Monday, homework will be given on Tuesday. The Thursday Folders will come home on Thursdays. Please place any forms, payments, or other paper communication in the folder for the teacher to see. Please return these folders the next day.

    The question of when to keep your child home from school is often difficult, especially when decisions must be made first thing in the morning. It is important, however, to keep your student home when he/she is ill. This helps to make them more comfortable and prevents others from becoming ill. Children function more effectively in the classroom when they are healthy. If you decide to keep your child home, please notify Terri in the office at 651-293-8770.

    Lockers or Hooks
    Each class has 27 students on their roster, which makes locker space slim. Please make sure your student is bringing to school only what they need: the planner, Thursday Folder, Homework, gym shoes, a water bottle and a sweater (in cooler weather) should be fine.

    Newsletters and Class Webpage
    We will send out newsletters twice a month. It will include information regarding field trips, upcoming events, and information on what we have been learning in class. You can also visit our webpage for information. We will update the site on a regular basis with important dates and reminders as well. To get to our page, go to the main Highland Elementary site, , then click on Classrooms, then Third Grade, and finally Mrs. Clausen, Ms, Kelley, or Mrs. Vogelgesang.

    If there are any changes in transportation, please write a note to your teacher. You can send notes in your student's planner or on a separate piece of paper. If you are picking up your student at the end of the day and we do not receive notification there is a change, your child will be sent home their regular way. If you are picking up your student early, you must check them out in the office.

    We go outside for recess every day unless it is raining. Please make sure your student has appropriate shoes and outerwear for the weather. Once the weather turns colder and it starts to snow, boots, hats, mittens and snowpants should be worn.

    Planners & Behavior
    The student planner is a very useful tool. We use the planner to communicate what we have worked on in class as well as document behaviors. Any note you want your teacher to see, write it in the planner. Please be sure to sign the planner every night (Mon – Fri) to let us know you’ve seen it!

    In order to have better communication with parents, we are using Class Dojo this year. Each class will come up with behaviors they would like to reward as well as behaviors they think students might need to work on. We want your students to have at least 10 points a day; they will write their point totals in their planner at the end of the day. If they do not have 10 points and/or they have a note written in their planner, please know they had at least 2 warnings prior to writing about it. They will be reminded to follow the class essential agreement, take a break at their desk, write what they were doing in their planner, take a break in another room, and possibly lose time at recess. If your child has 10 or more points, they will have a star in their planner to signify that they had a great day.

    PYP Profile and Attitudes
    Students in our rooms are encouraged expected to be caring and respectful. Please review the Learner Profile and Attitudes and talk about what each of them means.

    Learner Profile
    Balanced,  Caring,  Communicators,  Inquirers,  Knowledgeable,  Open-Minded,  Principled,  Reflective,  Risk-Takers,  Thinkers

    Appreciation,  Commitment,  Confidence,  Cooperation,  Creativity, Curiosity,  Empathy,  Enthusiasm,  Independence,  Integrity,  Respect, Tolerance

    Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We are available by phone and email, or you can set up a time to meet with us.

    Restroom Breaks
    We will take breaks as a class, though your student is encouraged to use the restroom when needed.

    We recommend students bring their own healthy, peanut free snacks to eat every day. We do not eat lunch until 1:25p and want to make sure our students are able to focus throughout the day. In the past, students have saved an item from their Breakfast-To-Go bag to eat at snack time, and that is fine as well.

    Toys and Technology
    Please leave all toys and technology at home. This can include iPods, stuffed animals, games and other toys. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items that come to school and don’t want your student to feel that sadness if something happens.

    Family Time
    We know that family time is important and want you to be able to spend time together after school. Ask your student how school is going, play with them after everyone is home, or leave a note for them saying how much you care. We are a team and together we can help your student reach their goals!

    Thank you!
    Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email!

    Mrs. Clausen, Ms. Kelley, & Mrs. Vogelgesang


Important Dates!

  • September 4th
    Labor Day

    September 5th
    First Day: 1st-5th

    September 7th
    First Day: Kdg.

    October 19th & 20th
    MEA Break