• Welcome to 4th Grade at Highland Park Elementary!

    Fourth grade is an exciting and engaging time for students here at Highland Park Elementary. The IB Primary Years Program (PYP) focuses on educating the whole child. We work at developing strong academic skills as well as teaching and modeling attitudes that build the profile of a student prepared to contribute to an international community. These attitudes and profiles developed by the International Baccalaureate Program are the core of our student expectations and help to create a positive and supportive school and classroom community. You can find the profiles described on our web site.

    Our curriculum is based on an inquiry approach to learning. Each grade level organizes the curriculum based on six organizing themes and Units of Inquiry.

    Our Six Fourth Grade Organizing Themes and Units of Inquiry Are:

    Where We Are In Place And Time: Pack Your Bags
    Focus: Social Studies and Language Arts

    How We Organize Ourselves: World Wonders
    Focus: Social Studies and Geography

    Sharing The Planet: Water Water Everywhere
    Focus: Science and Language Arts

    How The World Works: Shocking and Attractive
    Focus: Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts

    How We Express Ourselves: Music And Dance Around The World
    Focus: Art, Music, and Language Arts

    Who We Are: The Human Machine
    Focus: Health and Science