Sarah Hample
  • ***STATE FAIR NOTICE***** If your child turned somthing into the state fair, you can look online on Tuesday August 25 at At the bottom of the page select your student grade category under Education. This will allow you to see your whether your student placed and where to find their artwork when you visit the Minnesota State Fair.


    My name is Sarah Hample, and I am the Art Teacher at Highland Park Elementary School. My goal is to create lessons that not only let the student express their creativity, but also to be an art appreciator. I construct my curriculum to incorporate technique, critical thinking, as well as the role of art throughout history, pop culture, in their home, and in the in their community.

    If you would like to learn more about what happens in my art room please visit, where I share pictures and lessons of the students artwork.

     I hope you enjoy the student artwork.  If you would like to contact me you can email me at

    New Fourth Grade animations on YouTube. Click the link below.

    In The Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Residency


    Northern Clay Center Residency