• Mr. Seth          

             Hello Artists!  It's me, MR. SETH!  Welcome to the art program at Highland Park Elementary.  I am a 3D artist/craftsman who loves teaching problem solving through art.  My favorite definition of art is, "anything created with intention".  This could include a flower arrangement gathered from your garden, a card you made your family member, or an oil painting.  I use that same approach and idea when I teach students art.  I would much rather have a student be able to problem solve, reuse, repurpose, and create than be able to draw a horse particularly well. 

             In my art classes, I teach the tools and mediums of art in all of their forms.  I teach that art rules can be created and broken.  I teach that there are limitless possibilities with what you do with art and art materials.  My dream is to build a toolbox for students that they can carry with them and use even if they don’t pursue art. 


    “Hey mom!  I don’t need a new backpack this year!  Mr. Seth taught me how to sew and mend things!  Plus, I want paint a cool design on it, and the plain fabric will be a great canvas!”

    -Hopefully said by someone….