Physical Education

  • Hello! My name is Annie Schoeben. I am the Physical Education Teacher at HPE. I graduated from St. Catherine University with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Teaching K-12 and a minor in coaching. This will be my 4th year at HPE and this is my 4th year at SPPS. I have a background in coaching women’s basketball at almost every level, and I have played in college as well.


    My goal for students is to teach them a variety of physical activities, teach them how to work with others, and ultimately find enjoyment in being physically active throughout their lives. My hope is that after taking my class they can understand the importance of being physically active throughout their entire life and find enjoyment in doing so. I teach a variety of sports, games, and skills so that by the end of their time at HPE they have hopefully found at least one activity that they enjoy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the activities/sports I teach are: tag, cooperative, throwing and catching, kicking/soccer, playground games, ultimate frisbee, parachute, basketball, jumping and landing, tumbling and stunts, multicultural, bowling, tennis, football, tetherball, dance, hockey, kickball, baseball, field day activities, etc.


    Contact Information


    Phone #: 651-293-8770 ext. 52889

P.E. Standards

  • The goal of physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

    To pursue a lifetime of healthful physical activity, a physically literate individual:

    • Has learned the skills necessary to participate in a variety of physical activities.
    • Knows the implications of and the benefits from involvement in various types of physical activities.
    • Participates regularly in physical activity.
    • Is physically fit.
    • Values physical activity and its contributions to a healthful lifestyle.

    Standard 1 - The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

    Standard 2 - The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

    Standard 3 - The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

    Standard 4 - The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

    Standard 5 - The physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.