HPE Primary Years Program Coordinator Mrs. Strecker

  • I grew up in St. Paul. I attended St. Anthony Park Elementary, Murray Junior High, and Como Park High School. I graduated in Elementary Ed at the University of St. Thomas and received my Master's Degree from Hamline University.  I have taught every grade from Pre-K through fifth grade. I helped open a science and inquiry school where I received lots of training on inquiry. It was then that I found a love for teaching inquiry skills. Science wasn’t the same as when I went to school where we simply read about how the world worked. Today, students get to experience and explore how science works through hands-on activities, and interacting with materials and others. I get excited about engaging students through questioning, and guiding their explorations. 

    PYP promotes inquiry and investigation. Your student will love exploring our IB Units of Inquiry. The students will be able to ask questions, share their knowledge and experiences, and find ways to act on what they have learned. During the first month of school, HPE students will focus on the IB Learner Profile and creating essential agreements for their classrooms. Your family can help enrich the students’ experiences and help them make connections by sharing your family’s strengths and knowledge around our units of inquiry. HPE is always looking for family members/friends to bring in items that pertain to our units of inquiry, or to come in and share.  For example, we have had a parent who was an architect come in to talk during the first grade "Shelters" unit.  A grandmother who was a microbiologist presented during the fourth grade "The Human Body" unit. Making these connections leads to a deeper understanding for the students.

    Feel free to contact me throughout the year with ideas, insights, questions and concerns.  It will be fun to work together this year!




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Mrs. Strecker