Mr. Dirks

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Class Schedule: Period 1 - PLC Period 2 - Acceleration Physics Period 3 - Accelerated Physics Period 4 - Physical Science Period 5 - Physical Science Period 6 - Prep Period 7 - Physical Science Room 3210

Mr. Dirks


I LOVE PHYSICS! I suppose that's the type of response you'd expect, but I really do. I love the purpose and meaning found in the physical world around us - from simple mechanics to space and time to black holes. I also love mystery and unexpected results that physics has presented us with over the years and the sense of wonder and awe it can inspire. Another thing I'm awefully darn fond of is when people build relationships and accomplish more as a community than they could on their own.

Outside of school, I love creating! Music mostly, but anything sensory will do. I've always had a fascination with bands and rock n roll. I spend a lot of time working on projects with friends from my church, The Salvage Yard. We've made various bands, a full length movie, parade productions and more.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. There are documents posted below and under the specific sites on the side bar to the right. Also, be sure to check out the 'Goodies' section for pictures, movies and more!