Mrs. Soua Her



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Soua Her

Nyob zoo! Hello! My name is Ms.Her. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a Masters in Education. I have also recently got my K-12 Reading license at the Concordia University. This year will be my 13th year teaching. I have taught 5th grade, kindergarten 1st grade and now I am teaching kindergarten in Hmong at Jackson. What I love about young learners is that they have a desire to learn and do well in school. My most important job as a teacher is to fuel that desire.

My hopes and dreams for this year is to use my literacy knowledge to enhance my instruction in Hmong. My husband and I have two beautiful children. My active son is 4 years old and my beautiful daughter is 9 years old. We also have a little kitten called, Thunder. In our spare time we love to travel, read together and just play and be together.

I am excited to start the year and I hope to get to know you and your family better. If I can be of any assistance and /or support you and your child in any way please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Nyob zoo, Kuv lub npe hu ua xibfwb Sua Hawj. Kuv kawm tiav nyob rau hauv lub tsev kawm ntawv qib siab hu ua University of Wisconsin, nyob rau hauv lub nroog La Crosse. Kuv kawm tag Master degree thiab kuj muaj lai see (license) qhia cov menyuam qib K-12 nyeem ntawv thiab. Kuv qhia ntawv los tau ntau xyoo no lawm. Kuv tau qhia cov nyob hoob 5, hoob 1 thiab hoob kindergartern. Xyoo no yog kuv thawj xyoo qhia hoob kindergarten ua lus Hmoob tim Jackson no. Kuv nyiam cov menyuam me me vim rau qhov lawv tseem mob mob siab kawm ntawv. 

Xyoo no kuv cia siab tias kuv yuav nrhiav tau tswvyim los pab cov menyuam kawm thiab qhia ntawv Hmoob. Kuv tus txiv wb muaj ob tug menyuam. Wb tus tub muaj 4 xyoo hos tus ntxhais muaj 9 xyoos. Wb kuj muaj ib tug menyuam miv hu ua Xob Laim no thiab. Peb tsev neeg nyiam ncig teb chaws, nyeem ntawv uake thiab uasi uake.  Zoo siab thiab cia siab tias yuav tau cog kev phoojywg nrog koj thiab koj tsev neeg xyoo no. Yog muaj tej yam dabtsi kuv hos pab tau koj thiab koj tsev neeg no los txhob ua siab deb es hu tuaj nrog kuv tham tau. 

Ua Tsaug

Ms. Soua Her