Ms. Wood

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Ms. Wood

My name is Amy Wood and I am a Learning Disabilities teacher at Hazel Park Preparatory Academy (HPPA).  Currently, I am working with 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students. I have been with the Saint Paul Public Schools for close to 40 years, working with students who meet the criteria to receive special education services.

These students have been identified as having a learning disability, an emotional/behavioral disorder, physical impairment, autism spectrum disorder, or may be identified with a health condition that requires an Individualized Education Plan to support them in the general education setting.

This year, I am spending two periods each day in general education classrooms, working with identified special education students and any other student who may be in need of help once, or on a regular basis. I also work with students in a resource room setting when that has been determined to be the model that best meets a student's needs.

I am a member of HPPA’s Child Study Team, where I am involved with academic assessments, interviews and observations of students who have been referred for assessment to determine eligibility for special education services.

Moving from the elementary setting, to a middle school setting has been quite a challenge. I look forward to my coming years at Hazel Park Preparatory Academy.