Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • This program enrolls four and five year-old children to ensure families have a great start in school and to develop a positive outlook towards school. Priority is given to children who are eligible for free or reduced lunch, children with learning and development needs, and children without preschool experience.

    The Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum is organized around areas of study that are designed to build on children’s interests and background knowledge.  Typically, the area of study is four weeks in length, but may extend if the interest and needs of children indicate its relevance. The area of study permeates the day and the classroom. Teachers co-create learning centers with children and determine next steps by observing children’s investigations. Learning goals and activities are appropriately sequenced to allow each child to effectively integrate and retain new knowledge.

    Children's performance and progress is documented using the a variety of standard-based assessments.  

    Staff Qualifications
    Community Kindergarten teachers hold a current Minnesota Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten license. They have experience teaching four year-olds from diverse language and cultural backgrounds. An assistant, who is often bilingual, is assigned to each class.



Our Program

    • 18 children are enrolled in each pre-kindergarten class with a licensed teacher and an assistant.
    • School bus transportation is provided for enrolled children in most areas.
    • Contact Jackson Magnet School for enrollment information at 651-293-8650.
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