About Us

  • "Jackson provides all learners a safe, linguistically and culturally inclusive environment by offering opportunities to develop their full potential and prepare them to be successful, responsible global citizens while providing a welcoming and supportive environment for families." - Jackson Elementary's Mission Statement

    Our school believes that children are everyone’s priority. Our teachers, parents, community partners and the St. Paul Promise Neighborhood Initiative are all committed to nurturing each Jackson student as a remarkable individual with limitless potential.

    Since 2006, Jackson has offered a Hmong Dual Language Program for students in PreK to fifth grade. Research shows that children in a dual language program achieve academically while becoming proficient in two languages. Specialists in science, music, physical education and Hmong culture and literacy enhance our core academic program, and nearly 20 community partners provide extensive academic support, performing and visual arts programs, fitness, field trips, and Hmong and African American cultural enrichment.

    At Jackson:

    • students come first
    • language and cultural diversity are assets
    • strong relationships build inclusive communities
    • all students are expected to achieve at their highest levels


    Jackson (Community) --> Ramsey (F1) or Highland Mid (F2) --> Central (F1) or Highland Senior (F2)

    Jackson (Hmong Programs) --> Washington --> Washington

At A Glance

  • Overview

    • Serving grades PreK-5
    • Enrollment 382
    • Principal: Bee Lee
    • Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
    • Phone: 651-293-8650

    Students Who Identify As:

    • American Indian 1%
    • Asian American 57%
    • African American 31%
    • Hispanic American 5%
    • Caucasian American 6%

    Students Who Use:

    • English Language Learning 57%
    • Special Education 9%
    • Free and Reduced Lunch 85%

    2016 MCA II Student Proficiency:

    • Grade 3 reading test 20%
    • Grade 3 math test 31%
    • Grade 4 reading test 14%
    • Grade 4 math test 27%
    • Grade 5 reading test 40%
    • Grade 5 math test 32%