Center for Cultures, Families and Learning (Jackson Family Center)

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  • The Center for Culture, Families and Learning (Jackson Family Center) brings families, school and community together to share resources and build relationships so that every child succeeds in school and life. Jackson Family Center is a welcoming "one-stop shop" where families can access a variety of community services and resources. As part of the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood, the Family Center seeks to create strong partnerships with families and neighbors. It's open to everyone! Stop by for more information.

    We can even meet you offsite. Please contact the Family Center to meet at your home, job or in the community to access services. Call 651-293-8650. 

    Parent and community volunteers are needed at Jackson. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact 651-293-8650.

    Family Center Resources and Services:

    • Employment assistance
    • Housing resource information
    • Educational tips and resources for kids
    • Help accessing county services
    • Information about adult education
    • Children's dental services
    • Jackson family services
    • Emergency assistance information
    • Much more!

    Computers, Printer and Fax

    • Free use for Internet search
    • Resume writing and editing
    • Job applications

    Family Center Hours

    • Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30pm
    • Evening hours available by appointment

    Reasonable accommodation and assistance such as childcare, interpreters and transportation for school events will be provided upon request and approved by the Principal.  For accommodation and assistance, please call 651-293-8650.

    All school documents can be translated or interpreters made available upon request.


    Tej ntaub ntawv tom tsev kawm ntawv uas xa los rau nej, peb yuav pab txhais thiab nrhiav neeg txhais lus rau nej yog nej hais qhia peb.


    Dhammaan dukumiintiyada iskuulka waa la turjumi karaa ama waxaa la heli karaa turjumaan haddii la codsado.


    Todos los documentos pueden ser traducidos o interpretados oralmente si usted lo solicita.

Contact Us

  • 651-744-3940
    437 Edmund Ave., Room 1109