• A Quick Look At The Year

    Kindergarten will be learning about weather, properties of matter, plants, animals and identifying living and no living things.

    First grade will be learning about air, weather, motion, and earth materials (rocks and soil).

    Second grade will be learning about the properties of matter, life cycle of plants and animals, and habitats.

    Third grade we will be learning about the structures and functions of plants and animals, astronomy, light, sound, rocks and minerals.

    Fourth grade we will learn about magnetism, electricity, heat, the human immune system, states of matter and water.

    Fifth grade will be learning about experimental design, ecosystems, motion, slow and fast earth processes and identifying renewable and non-renewable energy and material resources. 

STEAM @ Home Challenge!

  • STEAM Home Challenges are an opportunity for students and their families to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math at home. Each month will have a different focus. We will display each of the projects every month. Students that choose to participate will earn a small prize!

    Engineer of the Month will be awarded for the best creation in grades 3-5!

    Jr. Engineer of the Month will be awarded for the best creation in grades K-2!


    Feb/March Challenge:  Can you design a Leprechaun Trap?

    Due: March 16, 2020

    Leprechaun Trap STEAM Challenge


    Since school will be closed, please create a video on Flipgrid to show your Leprechaun Trap Design! 

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