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  • Welcome to E1 The elementary I staff welcomes you to J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School. Our seven Elementary I classrooms are located on the second floor overlooking the media center. The staff is licensed by the state as well as having Montessori certification. We represent a variety of Montessori training programs and have an average of 20 years of teaching experience. Our Elementary I classrooms are designed to be child centered. The aim is to help the child become a strong, independent learner. There is freedom of movement within the guidelines established by the community. The concept of community is central to the Montessori philosophy. Three year age spans are created so children of different levels can work together. The oldest children teach and help younger children. Differences are appreciated and celebrated.The Elementary I teachers work together on a weekly basis to refine lessons and incorporate the latest research in our daily work with children. We work to form partnerships with parents in the development and education of their children. You are welcome to visit. Please call the office to schedule a time.

    Our Curriculum: The Elementary I classroom continues the work of the Children's House level.

    The children move from concrete to abstract lessons working in lesson groups and individually, to complete daily and weekly assignments. The students at this level have more required work although students choose research options and which assignments they will work on first. The rich Montessori curriculum allows for lessons in earth history, biology, geography, geometry, mathematics, reading,literature, and writing. District expectations are implemented using the Montessori materials. One lesson example of an Elementary I lesson is the Timeline of Life. This lesson begins with the enormous stories of earth's history and the unfolding of the wonderful life strands for biology andgeology. Many lessons for science and early earth mythology are explored. This is an example of the cosmic method of education that inspires the child to learn about their world through their developmental interests. Story telling often begins the lessons. Accurate and thorough terminology are presented as follow up. Actual artifacts and materials allow for a concrete experience, not a textbook view. Independence, order, and concentration are the goals of the teacher, who presents more of a topic or repeats lessons as small groups or individuals require.

    Fossil Trip: We sponsor an annual fossil trip to introduce earth history and geology. This trip is a highlight of the Timeline of Life lessons and well loved by all. Our own Lilydale Park has a beautiful stream bed with Ordovician fossils including crinoids, trilobites, cephalopods, bryozoans and gastropods.

Elementary 1 Teachers

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