About Maxfield

  • Maxfield has served the Rondo community for 125 years.  Each year we grow stronger through the involvement of families and the community. At Maxfield our Families-School-Community
    teachers tap into each student’s curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination to engage them fully in learning. Our students experience a full range of learning activities, from gaining skills in reading and writing to performing with African drums. Everyone is welcome at Maxfield and we’re proud of the parents who visit their child's classroom, families who attend our school events and our volunteers and community partners who help students during the school day. Maxfield is, above all, a community that works together to help our children succeed.

    Located in the Summit-University area, Maxfield Elementary School provides a unique educational experience that combines best practices in academics with a focus on the urban learner.  We've been in the Rondo neighborhood for over a hundred years, taking our children through many challenges as the City of St. Paul, and even our country, changed. That's why former students now teach at Maxfield or send their children and grandchildren to learn in the same community they did.  Through great teaching, student leadership opportunities, technology, science, and the arts, Maxfield Elementary School provides students in grades Pre-K through five with a well rounded educational program.

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